Show data from a multi-reference field in a dynamic list

Hi @Juri

I am really sorry for the late reply to your question !

If you are using a Dynamic List Wrapper outside of a Collection Template page, it will display the other collection fields, but not the multi-item reference.

You can display the collection that a multi-item reference is based on, but the displayed items are not linked to the items in the other collection used in the multi-item reference.

You can add a Dynamic List Wrapper into a Collection Template page, and there you can display a listing of the multi-item reference field items.

For example, on the Collection Template page, could have the Blog post title, and then add a dynamic list wrapper using the multi-item reference field in the collection, to present a list of categories that are referenced to the blog post.

Does that help?

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Hi Dave, thanks for the help!

I have have an issue, maybe you know what i can do with it?

I was thinking to sort with a multi-reference outsite the Collection Template.
But i see that that is impossible.

Do you have another solution?

Hey Koen, that’s a beautiful site you built with the CMS. I am trying to do something similar, and your site helped me see a way to do it. As to the multi-reference, is there any way of using the Switch function to further filter your skaters?

Thank you Jim! I have to find out! But it’s not a multis-witch, ot multi-dropdown is it?

I quit with the first plan, now its like this.

i also miss the option:
skip the first newsitem.(2,3,4,5 also)
As you can see the first newsitem is big
the next three are small.
i solved that know with an extra extra reference:
Homenews, small and big.

Hi Dave, for this, could you please elaborate a little more? Very sorry I am just a beginner. I had like to pull data (text & URL) from multiple collections (say col A, B, and C) to display on a collection page (Say col D). I have added the references in col D but as you said the data of references will not show up in a collection page. What can I do to go around this? Should I use multiple dynamic list wrappers and do a filtering for each list to display the data I want from that collection? Is there a better way?

This lacking feature is killing me!


I really need “sub-collections” or “sub-categories”.

There are typically multiple layers of content data - a parent / child relationship.


Also, I had like to display dynamic list of a collection (A) in a collection (B) page But each collection (B) page’s dynamic list (A) should have different items of collection A. Can this be done?

If only we can add some sort of special box in the collection page that allows different content for each page, (something like assigning classes to each block) so changes we make in item page 1 will not be transfer to item page 2…

Noticed also only some data of the reference collection appear in the selection even though there are obviously other data in the reference collection that has the same field.

Hi @cyberdave could you go through this step by step? I am attempting to list blog categories on a Blog Post Collection Template Page. On the CMS I use a multi-reference field where I choose which categories a blog post belongs to. When I go to create a dynamic list on the blog post template page I can draw the text from the “Categories” collection but not from the Blog Post collection, so I am not able to show only those categories that are associated with a particular blog post.

Your reply to this question indicates that something is going wrong for me?

Perhaps we need a video tutorial on this?


This really needs to be implemented! I’m currently designing a website that uses CMS (mainly to store around 100 staff members) and allowing for e.g. text blocks to inherit a reference/multi-reference field would be such a time saver! I couldn’t imagine having to do this manually.

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Hi, I’d been having the same trouble as @michmeagher and @OurLocalMarkets but think I’ve solved it now. I was basically trying to add the multi-reference field via the wrong collection (tying to add a category link from the blog collection, cos with a single reference field you can do this. Not with a multi-ref one - at least not that I can find).

For any still struggling with this, here’s how it worked for me:

The scenario: Blog posts with multiple categories. Wanted to have category buttons to filter posts, just as you can with Wordpress etc.

Here’s what I did:

Collections created for blog posts and for categories.

On the blog post template, add a dynamic template.

LInk it to the categories collection.

Add a link block to the dynamic item: link this to ‘Current Category’

Add in a text block: tick ‘get text from Categories’ and select ‘name’. Then style as you want.

Hope this helps.

Hi @alzibaba, I have tried this but still can’t get the current list to display, it just displays all items in that DB. Anyone else get this workaround working? Any help would be appreciated. +1 for allowing multi-reference list to be added in a template page. Wasted too much time trying to figure this out.

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I’m trying to do the same thing. I want to display multiple categories (similar to a list of tags) when viewing a single blog post.

@alzibaba I believe your solution would show all of the categories in the database, instead of just the ones that are referenced by the current blog post.

@cyberdave how can you reference them to the blog post so a subset of the categories are shown?


Hi @x10

Can you supply us with your read-only link?

Thanks in advance :smile:

@PixelGeek it is

It seems like you’ve already figured it out: :smile:

@pixelgeek No I actually haven’t figured it out yet, but hopefully you can help me! :smile: The page you took a screenshot of is currently showing all 4 available Vendor Categories in the CMS (Farm, Grocery Store, Butcher, Restaurant).

For this vendor, I only selected the category of “Farm” so it should only show the Farm category on this page about them.

See the current CMS for this listing:

@x10 I get just the category blog posts selected, not all the categories in the database.

It’s been a while since I did this, but I seem to remember the key was to link the Dynamic Item category filter to Categories (your vendor categories), not blog posts. Yours is linked to the Listings collection, so see what happens it you link it to Vendor Categories instead. That should do the trick.

Here’s mine:

Feel free to look at the set up on the Resources page on my site:

It still doesn’t do exactly as I want because each post has multiple categories, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to set links to multi-reference fields. Maybe I’m still missing something…;-0

Hope that helps.

@alzibaba, thanks for contributing, but the example you screenshotted was for a single Reference Category called “Category” that is indeed only a single reference and I don’t need help with it. You also jumped back to the home page dynamic list instead of the Vendor Collection Template page where I have the problem.

I want to filter multiple reference categories in a dynamic list on a Collection Template page.

Your example of home page categories is not what I’m trying to do. But to follow through your example, if you have placed one of your blog posts into both “Leadership” and “Customer Experience” categories, then I’d want to list both of the categories (and only those two categories) at the top of the blog post when you open the post on its own Collection Template page. Just like listing tags at the top of a blog post.

@PixelGeek Any progress on an answer for me for filtering a multi reference on a Collection Template page?