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Ability to use Reference and Multi-reference fields in conditional visibility


I was just attempting to create a conditionally visible Dynamic List using the parameter of a referenced field, however it does not appear in the dropdown as an option.

To describe this visually…

Here is what my “Author Settings” fields look like (notice primary community):

And here is what the dropdown looks like:

Let me know if this is on purpose, or if it is a bug (or a forgotten feature :wink:)!

Thanks, Webflow.


Yes I noticed this too. I really need this feature. Is this intentionally left out guys or is it a bug? @thesergie @Adrian

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Hi @ctrav and @Anna_Kelian, thanks for your questions. At the moment, it is not possible to create a condition based on collection item reference fields :-/ I expect this feature to be added, but I do not have an ETA yet.

I have updated this post to a Wish List item and as soon as the feature is released, it will be put on the updates page:


Following, I really need this.


I really need this too. Any update on possibility of this rolling out as a feature?

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Showing all the fields for references and multi-references will be tricky, but allowing “Is set” and “Is not set” conditions for these is much easier. It’s on our short term roadmap - sorry for the delay!


hey @thesergie!
i absolutely need that, too. not only the “is set” or “is not set” option but also all the possible fields from the reference or multi reference.

i want to display elements depending on wether my collection item contains one or more particular references or not. right now i have to build a workaround and add a switch for ever multi reference i have. so after adding references i also have to turn on every switch according to that reference. that is a whole load of work and reduces user-friendliness in the cms!

please please work on that or maybe push it further.
thanks in advance!

We’re working on adding reference support for conditional visibility :thumbsup:


I’m throwing my support behind this one. I just ran into a situation where this would be really useful.

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