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Show collection list in some blog posts

Hi, I have some collection data that I would like to show in a blog post. The idea is that collection will continue to update relevant data for that particular article.

I can’t seem to find a way to drop in a collection on CMS items into a blog post, is this not possible?

I am assuming I may need to create another blog post template with a section containing the collection list?

Thanks for the help.

Not really a straight forward way to include a collection of cms items on that one blog post without editing your blog post template.

What you can do is create a new collection field that is a switch, and name it something like Show {Collection Name}.

Then create a div block on your blog post template, and add conditional visibility

Inside that Div block add your second collection list.

Thanks Drew, I’ll go down that route.

Hi Drew,

So its seems you can no longer set conditional visibility on a Div? That option only shows on an individual element, so I don’t think this solution will work. Unless I am missing sometihng?

Could you share the read only version of your site so I can take a look?

Hi Drew, the website is the page I am trying to add the collection to is

Site looks really good. but could you share do as described in this post, so I can see the designer side of things? Thanks!