Edit single post within CMS

I’m hoping this is not a silly question but this seems like the best place to ask…
Is it possible to add content to single page within my CMS collection? I have various blog posts but on one of them I wanted to add a few more images at the end. Would the best way to do this be via adding whatever field I wanted via the CMS Collection settings and just use it when I wanted or is there a way to add it onto an individual page without affecting the rest?

I would look into conditional visibility for this one. Just add a toggle to the collection and have that content only appear when the toggle is “true”. If you wanted more control or you need to add additional content to other blog posts, you can use a reference (or multi-reference) field and limit the content based on the conditions established.

If you need help, just include your read-only link and I’ll record a quick tutorial for you.

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Thanks for the reply- I didn’t think about doing it that way as well, great tip!
I’m still in the process of drafting things out so don’t have anything setup as an example but will probably post as I go!