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Hey guys,

Not all blog posts could have the same structure. For example what if in 5 blog posts I need to have one picture (which would work perfectly fine through collections) and in one special blog post I would need to have several images or for example a slider. But if I add a slider on a blog post page it will be added everywhere, as far as I understand.

So is there actually a way to make one blog page different from others??

Thank you

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There are many ways you can bring variety to a CMS item template.

For instance you can add components (such as a slider) that aren’t meant to show up on every post, by using conditional visibility.

Say you have 2 images fields (img1 img2 img3) for an image slider. Design it, then select the upper element of the component (the container of the slider) and define a conditional visibility like “Visible if img1 field is set”. So that when the img1 field is left empty (which mist likely mean the two others are too), then the slider simply doesn’t appear.

Using this you can make various layouts too. You can duplicate entire layouts in the template page, alter them, and also bind them to any field, like a switch (template A or B) or an Option field (template A B C …)… Sky’s the limit.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the answer.
I added a slider and clicked on the the container:

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However I didn’t find such condition as ‘Visible when an image is set’.
But I found other conditional options as for example the name of the blog post, which could help to solve it.

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I didn’t understand the last part of your answer. I would be grateful if you explain it a bit further.

Did you mean that I should duplicate a CMS collection page?

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Because it is impossible to do so.

What did you mean to ‘bind them to any any field, like a switch (template A or B) or an Option field (template A B C…)

Thank you!