Should a website have a cookies banner when the website only has a contact form

Hi guys,

I have a pretty simple website for a client where there is only information about some products and some photos. Not much more than that. There is however a contact form which users can send to ask a question. In this contact form you have to give some personal information like name, e-mailadress etc. and then you can submit.

Does this website need a cookiebanner or not?

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Nice to ask these questions, this topic is very complex though!
Data regulation & privacy is not just limited on what the user “consciously” submits to your page. It also (and predominantly) applies to the users IP address, the corresponding metadata, cookies, etc…

Just by simply visiting a website, your browser sends requests to various sources, sometimes even out of your control. These sources also get the IP address of the user. Examples are analytics provider such as google analytics, embeds of videos, or simply other libraries or images you import.

You have the obligation to get the consent of your users to share their data & metadata because you decided to use these sources. The law also varies from country to country and where your visitors are located.

There are lots of topics here on the forum on GDPR, just give it a search!

Hi RDaneelOliwav,

Thank you for your answer! So simply put, there needs to be some form of cookie/consent banner when users vist my site I described above?

Since most of the data the website needs from the user is metadata. You can’t really give them an option to consent or not right, because otherwise basically the whole website will be useless. Correct me If I am wrong!

But what if they don’t give consent? What should stop working for them then? The contact form? The images I imported on the website?

Love to hear!