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Cookies on website

Hey everyone,

I am new to website building. I live in the EU and the websites that I will be making will be for clients in the EU. I had a questions about cookies for websites.

My question is:

  1. how do I set up cookies for my website, or is that something that is automatically done once my website is online.
  2. I understand that I would need a consent banner for the cookies. But if I build this, that doesn’t automatically mean that my website has cookies on it correct?

I tried to search the web for information on this but could only find how to make the cookie consent banner, not how to set up cookie for the website.


Will you be using any time of analytics, chat, paid ads, etc? For example, if you add Google Analytics to you site, your users will get a persistent cookie from Google. This is a file that gets put on their device when they visit your site.

This tool has a free version and would automatically do the things your EU clients need:

Found this tool through @Noah-R, so credit to him!

Hi @myonke Thank you a lot for the reply. I added it to my site. I testes the website and it says it has no cookies. Again I am not sure how exactly this works. But this widget is now on the website.
Only when I use analytics and the other mentioned tools will there be cookie on the website?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you for your time.

@Noah-R Thank you sharing the tool.

I’m no legal expert, but I believe the law says:

  • You must let visitors know from the get-go that your site uses cookies, in a clear and visible way.
  • You also need to provide details on how you use cookies and why.
  • Most importantly, you have to give visitors the opportunity to provide, withdraw or refuse consent.
  • Before consent is obtained, no cookie-related scripts can be run on your site.

With that said, you said your site does not collect cookies, so I wouldn’t think you need any consent banner or cookie policy. However, if you do, I use

Correct. My website does not use cookies because I essentially do not know how to implement these in there.

Thank you for the reply.