Shopify cart updating incorrectly

Hi everyone. This is my first post, and I’m loving webflow…but

I kept running into this bug on my site, and then realized it affected the webflow-shopify demo site as well. I checked on chrome, edge, and mobile safari. Here’s what happens. When you click “add to cart” for the first item, everything is fine. If you add a second item to the cart, the image of the first product is swapped out with the new product image. Check the demo site above to see what I mean. The wine bottle shapes change in the cart when a new product is added.

Any ideas?

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Having the same issue.
See example below.

Thanks in advance @pixelgeek @cyberdave @Waldo and @Brando - You guys rock!


@Chavilah @Brandon_Morgan can you both show me your read only links?

There is a bug there somewhere. I haven’t figured out weather it’s a Shopify problem or the fact that my example is super old.

sorry i had to figure out how to share the read only link. Got it now.

Just checking in on this issue - any idea what might be happening? Is this an issue on the shopify side?

@Chavilah , I had this same issue but it seems to have fixed itself - my cart is now updating correctly, all on its own! Just wanted to update you!


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