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Link to Product on Instagram, can't add to cart

Hey Guys!

We just launched our webstore yesterday. The whole store, plus our website is built on Webflow, which I am really excited about!

Some of our friends notified us about a bug that we cannot seem to understand. We placed a link to a product on our Instagram profile. When people click on that link on their phones, it takes them to the product page, but the page is opened within Instagram. When you then try to add to cart, it would sometimes say “Something went wrong when adding this item to the cart.” The weird thing is that it only happens to some people and not others.

Outside of instagram, everything seems to be working fine. But we expect to get a good chunk of our sales through IG.

Please help us solve this issue as it’s a super crucial one for our business! We literally just launched the store and I would hate for our customer’s first impression to be “You can’t buy this product because something went wrong” !!

I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like.

Here is our instagram profile: your best bet to recreate the bug is to click the link on our profile on the Instagram app on your phone, and then try to Add To Cart.



Link to the actual page:


Hi there @itsweichao!

Thank you so much for reaching out to the forums, welcome back.

I’m super excited to hear about your Webflow Ecommerce store launch, always amazing to see these things go live and your site looks amazing!

I’m sorry about this inconsistent experience, I haven’t been able to reproduce on my end, but I do have a guess of what could be going on here. Would it be possible to make the www custom domain in the project “Hosting” settings the default option?

Once that is set and the site is republished, then the issue should resolve. I’m assuming this is related to Stripe and the site needing to be through SSL (which happens through making the custom www domain the default option).

Hopefully this helps and let me know if you continue seeing this; we’re here to help!

My best,

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Hi Riley!

Thanks for this response. I changed the www domain to our default option. Although that didn’t fix the issue, I figured it was just good practice any ways. Here is a more thorough video of what is happening with the bug. Hopefully it helps.

When you first click on the link in the Instagram App, it opens the webpage within Instagram. Notice how it seems that the Cart function isn’t loading properly/completely: The “In My Cart” circle in the upper right section isn’t displaying a number, when it should be displaying a “0” (or however many items are in the cart). Adding to cart creates an error.

When I go to Home Page, and go back to the product page, the cart then loads correctly with the number inside the “In My Cart” circle. Now Adding to cart works as normal.


You’re welcome @itsweichao!

Thanks for sharing the video, always appreciated in order to completely understand the perspective you’re experiencing.

When I visit the instagram page, the link in the bio is not the one shown in the video. It only comes up as the homepage for me. Has this been changed recently?

Sorry about that. Changed the link back!

Thank you for updating.

This is definitely odd, and seems to be related to some kind of issue of how instagram renders Webpage when links are view from the app rather than directly from the Web browser.

I’m going to reach out to some team members to see if I can get some further insight into this, and will get back to you as soon as possible once I get some further info.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

That would be great thanks!

Hi @itsweichao!

I wanted to update you to say that we have identified this as a bug and have filed a report in order for this to be addressed and smoothened out soon. While I don’t have a specific timeline in please, we will keep you up to date here as we progress in solving this issue.

In the meantime, it seems that including the homepage on the instagram page is a decent workaround for now while this bug is happening.

Let us know if you have any further info or questions!


Ok. Sounds good. Glad we were able to identify the issue. Please do keep me posted!


You’re welcome @itsweichao!

Thanks for bringing this issue up so that we could identify it. :smile:

Definitely will keep you posted on our progress.

Hi @itsweichao, Great news! The Team was able to complete a fix for us. Products can now be added to the cart when linking directly to the product page from a Facebook or Instagram account on mobile.

Amazing! Thanks for the follow up! Just tested and it works indeed.

You guys are all awesome and can’t wait to utilize the new features you guys have in the pipeline! (Psst…we NEED a coupon code feature!! :))

Yep, now it works as it should. And talking of which, here is an awesome service for Instagram users, which is really working watching stories anonymously website, you can download any story from any opened profile, and watch any IG channel anonymously. It’s great for sure, cause this service has not so many alternatives…

Hi @itsweichao, great news! We released our discounts feature last week. More information can be found here:

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