Shopify Integration not putting correct items in cart with dynamic embed

Having a bit of trouble getting my Shopify Buy Button to put the correct item in the cart for checkout.

I followed the dynamic embed tutorial that Waldo demonstrated, and I replaced parts of the Shopify Code with a a product code field I created in my product COLLECTIONS. The code was derived from Shopify and pasted into my collections field as Waldo described. However, after publishing the site and testing, the “ADD TO CART” button for all items puts the same item from Shopify into the cart.

If anyone can help that would be great!

Here is my read only link:

And here is a live published link to the page where you should be able to select a category, then an item, then add to cart:

Thank you! Thank you!

hi @Kevan_Boone,

Try this:

Also check if there are any other instances of that being used in the code. Try replacing the value for ID there, with the Product Code collection field.

Does this help?

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