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Restrict people from purchasing in select states/territories


For my Ecommerce website, I am currently selling to the United States and to Canada. I would like to restrict selling to select States and Territories due to high shipping costs (North West Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, Labrador, Hawaii, and Alaska).

Does anyone know how I can have a drop-down option for people to select their state/province and restrict those states/territories that are too expensive for me to ship to? It’s a little bit ridiculous in my opinion to only be able to restrict certain countries and I don’t want to have to constantly keep an eye out for these states/territories with all of my orders.

If there is no solution directly through Webflow, would I have to look into custom coding? GeoTargetly? Possibly switching to Shopify or Foxy? Any suggestions to help figure this out would be really appreciated!



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Hi Janine. You can’t create shipping zones at a state level with Webflow’s native e-commerce. So yes you will have to talk to Foxy. I’ve personally had the need for postcode and City level zones as well. :man_shrugging: