Wonky Collection List Grid


When I’m in designer and in preview, the collection list is straight and locked up. But when I publish my site, the collection list on the videos page has 2 blank items. It’s weird: http://tiltedvision.webflow.io/videos

But when i view it on Safari, it’s okay. I cleared my cache and history on Chrome, but it still appears the same.

For the photos page, the grid looks okay, but not all the photos enlarge all the way, even if all photos are the same size. this is true with safari as well: http://tiltedvision.webflow.io/photos/doloremque-itaque-sit-possimus

Screenshots of site on designer and preview:

Screenshots of the wonkiness:
This is the way the photo enlarge should be:

But some photos like this one don’t do that even if they’re all same size:

Here’s the screenshot of the messed up grid of the video collection list:

If everything looks okay on the back-end I’m not sure how to fix it on the front end.
Can you please help?

Hello @cpura

Could you please share your read only link. This will allow us to be able to see all your settings, and give a clearer picture as to what could be wrong as there could be many reasons why you have issues.

my apologies here it is: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/tiltedvision?preview=b6a408c36a70a23939de1537936af758 1

That link is not working unfortunately. Could you re-share if you’re still having issues.

Sorry I missed your initial reply with the link last week!

@magicmark It’s okay, i rebuilt the site and just didn’t use the press and hold to view larger feature. Which was created by using the states function to make a quick fake lightbox look. But I wanted to keep this topic open if my client really pushes for that feature. Below is the newly produced read only link.


I think it’s better without the Press & Hold. I’m not 100% sure if it’s clear that you need to hold, most people would click like I did and think something is broken.

Have you thought about implementing a CMS Lightbox feature? It requires some custom code, but could be a good addition to your site.

@magicmark I haven’t implemented it can you point me in the direction of a tutorial to do that please? I’m very basic when it comes to code. Enough to help me understand inspect element but not enough to write one for myself.

This should help;

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@magicmark okay i will study this. thank you!

@magicmark quick question. will the CSM Lightbox work with videos?

Yes it should do as it utilises the native Lightbox.

Give it a whirl and let us know :smiley:

@magicmark i really need your help. it doesn’t work on video for me. :tired_face:

The code that you put in the HTML embed will need to be slightly different as it’s a video not image, but I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what code would be needed unless it’s mentioned somewhere on that thread.

I’m guessing you tried creating a video link field in the CMS and then using that slug in the HTML embed?

You could reach out to the Webflow team, but I don’t think they offer support for custom code.