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Sharing/copying pages, elements, symbols, components, etc across projects

I’m yet another waiting for this. Tedious re-creating the same symbols every time.

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:thumbsup: +1 for this feature too!!!

Can’t wait at all … hope to get this major updated asap! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thus, we could fully devote ourshelves to Webflow.

Thanks for all the hard work from the Webflow staff members and all the support to the Webflow Team. :heart:


Excited for this! It would really help our organization scale with our use of Webflow.



Any update on this topic?
I’d really like such a feature.


I too am very interested in this feature. Right now we only have one small team on web flow and are very happy, but with a feature like this I would be willing to move my entire firm to it. This would expedite many processes (which web flow already makes faster) and is top on my wish list. Any idea when it might be available?

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@cyberdave I know this has been asked many times, but as the last time was almost a year ago now, I have to ask, is this feature coming in 2016? Looks like it’s been a highly requested feature for close to 3 years now.

Sharing pages, symbols, etc. across projects is pretty much what the web, and all programming for that matter, is built on. I hope that this is a very high level priority at WebFlow, as it would dramatically reduce development time.

The largest technical hurdle is likely conflict management, but I’m sure you guys are up for that challenge. Look forward to seeing that rolled out soon, thanks!


I would also love to see this happen! I However, I understand how much work it would take! Hope this is coming soon.


I’d really like such a feature.

Hi, just thinking about sharing elements within a site from page to page and it occurs to me that this way of development (using a visual UI) shares similarities with print design software. In document layout (in Adobe InDesign for example) you can setup a master page, this master page contains elements that are automatically placed on any page that adopts this master.

This could be an idea for webflow, this is the scenario, you setup a master page with header containing navbar and footer. All pages where the body uses a class(?) of this master contain the equivalent of a symbol for the header and footer automatically.

In this way you can change elements on the master page, for example add a subfooter, and all pages using that master get the subfooter added. This would be of benefit mainly for sites with lots of pages. In this example you add the subfooter once to the master and it is added to all pages using the master, rather than creating a symbol and having to paste it into every page.

Just a thought!


+1 on this one! Definitely on my wishlist, imagine being able to design a bunch of UI components and color swatches that you can use across all your projects.

I’d love to see this coming!

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+1 on that! I have a whole section of an webpage I’m building that is an exact copy of another page for the same client. That feature would cut off 1h of my work… :sweat:



Need this as well!

Would save huge amount of time!

@cyberdave Guess a full blown implementation of this is still in the works?

However, I would like to know if you have any workaround/flow for when testing out design variants in WF?
When I’m designing I often want to try out a bunch of different versions. I’m currently doing a section with pricing boxes on my site and there doesn’t seem to be any sane way to just crank out 5-6 variants and then choose the best one and proceed. The only fast (which is essential since speed beats everything when sketching) to do this right now is to duplicate the whole site which really doesn’t work once you want to merge things.
I understand the complexity of this, considering how classes work, and it’s a problem that is seen in any software that has styles (Sketch has the same problem if you use styles while designing). But at least you could provide a way to duplicate classes to start with?

I think this is an essential flow if you want to use Webflow as a Design Tool, and not just something you implement designs made in Sketch or Photoshop. And thanks to the dynamic qualities of WF and the undynamic nature of both PS and Sketch, there’s a great opportunity for you guys here. Once some designs are setup in Webflow, it’s much faster to iterate on responsive layouts etc.

If anyone can create a great UX for this, it’s you guys. :wink:

Take care and keep it up - losing the product and spreading WF gospel wherever I go!

With all my projects, this one feature keeps coming to mind. It would be awesome indeed!

I believe is a functionality as much expected as the CMS or eCommerce.

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This would be so important.
We use webflow daily to create AB testings, lot of different versions, it is so important for us to test and re-use elements. Right now is so time-consuming having to re-make lots of elements.

Hello cyberdave, how long to wait?
Almost a year has passed …