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ShareThis, Missing Pinterest Button

I’m using ShareThis to share articles on my website. It’s integrated properly right now, but the issue I’m having is that one of the buttons (Pinterest) isn’t showing up. I contacted ShareThis support and they told me I have to “include ‘inline-block’.” They sent me this image: demonstrating the issue. I know what I have to change, I’m just not sure where to do it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @Charles_Hoffman, that inline code is coming from the share this code in the embed on the site, so it is probably being set by some setting at ShareThis, however to help take a look in the site, could you help to share the site read-only link and the page where the ShareThis embed is located?

Thanks in advance!

@cyberdave It’s on the “Articles Template” page.

Hi @Charles_Hoffman, thanks for the link. It looks like the setting that chooses what buttons are shown is controlled at ShareThis, as the html embed is loading one div for all icons:

I would take a look at this instruction article from ShareThis, on how to create custom buttons for each service:

The format of the individual button would be:


I hope this helps

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