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Hi there,

Am trying to figure out why the sharethis button isn’t showing up properly. I’m using the HTML embed. I asked the sharethis support team and they said it has something to do with the global CSS selector? Not sure what that mean in the context of webflow. Would you be able to help please?


Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m having a similar issue, except instead of the alignment being off, my icons aren’t showing up at all within my buttons.

Were you able to find an answer?
ShareThis has been totally absent in their responses.

If you are having trouble with Embed links, please share the live site URL so we can inspect the css selectors. It’s not possible to inspect this problem using the Webflow Designer itself because it does not render the external content.

Ah thanks! the live site url is

Hey @wincewong, that’s an easy fix!

in your Style Guide page you set the All Images style to have a 17px margin top. Just clean this up and you’ll should be fine.

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thanks! I updated it and still the same. Am I missing a selector somewhere or should I try a different margin?

Hi @wincewong, I’d have to agree with @gilson. Let us know if the steps below don’t fix the issue with the top-margin pushing those logos down below the button.

To edit the top-margin for All Images, complete the following steps:

  1. click any image on your site. I clicked your logo.
  2. click “3 selectors” in the top right, and select “All Images”
  3. you’ll see that there is still a 17 px top-margin for All Images
  4. click the ‘17’ and change it to ‘0’
  5. publish and you should be good to go!

Hope that works!

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Thank you! Yes - I misread, edited now and now it works! Thank you all!!!

ShareThis Buttons Aren’t Displayed Proberly When Initially Hidden

Hi Folks,
I have a related, but different problem with ShareThis buttons that I intend to show as part of the success message of a sign up form.

To show the buttons, I’ve added an HTML Embed DIV to the container that has the form’s success message. But on submission of the form, while the success text shows right away, the ShareThis buttons don’t appear until I manually resize the browser window.

It’s very similar to the problem reported here:

This is the live URL of my site:

And you can access the settings of the form on that page to view the success message. You can also see HTML Embed DIV via the Navigator.

Any help will be much appreciated.