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Shadow showing in Webflow but not in real life

Hi all !

I have a problem, maybe a bug ? I’ve setup a shadow effect under the open mobile nav bar of my project. It looks super great in webflow but when i publish the website, shadow just desapear. Any idea ?

below are screenshots:

read-only Link to my project:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey, I noticed the same thing on my machine. Actually, it only does it on the right & left, but when you use the down action it shows. This may only occur because the pre-made component, oftentimes they’re built with certain settings and style in the background. I think may be one of those issues. I’ll keep checking for ya. Hopefully I can help you out.

Yeah I decided to add the menu from scratch. You can easily just replace that native wrapper with a new div, and drag those links inside it. I gave it the style with shadow, added a click interaction on the hamburger button. It works! It has to be something hard-coded in the nav component. Here’s the video:


Damn ! Ho my god thank you so much for having taken the time to do this video ! I will try to replicate it with the interractions then ! :slightly_smiling_face: have a great day & thanks again !!

Not a problem, I like the control of this div better than native components. Hope it works out. Have a great evening.

Hi again :slight_smile:
I’m now playing around with interraction… the possibilities looks endless and beautiful !
One question though, does using interraction for mobile menu navigation influences the way google see my website (or the website of my client) as a responsice website / mobile friendly website therefore influencing its ranking ? Or does it has nothing to do with it ?

Sorry for my dumb questions… I’m just a designer trying to get into developement :slight_smile:
Cheers !

Hi @garymichael1313 :slight_smile:

So I’ve successfuly rebuild your interraction trick for the menu and it works like a charm.

I just noticed one problem, when i click on the hamburger menu, the menu appears (all great), when I then however click again on the hamburger menu, the menu disappears (all great too), but then the three links on the homepage do not function anymore.

Am I doing something wrong maybe ?

Read-only link:

Anyway, have a great sunday :slight_smile:

Oh okay let me check again for ya… one sec… Are you sure? The menu worked just fine for me.

All good ! I just got rid of the native mobile nav bar and rebuild one from
scratch with a regular div block that appears only on mobile screen :slight_smile: and
it works all fine now !

Thank you for showing me the way !

Awesome! Glad I could help. Take Care.

I will now show it to my client ! Hopefully he’ll be convinced to further
work with me and get his site hosted with webflow :slightly_smiling_face: thanks again for

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