Top bar disappear


I want to make my top bar ( disappear and then appear as the user scrolls down.

Also how do I remove this blue shadow from my menue bar?

Really appreciate it

Here is my site Read-Only:

  1. To get rid of the ‘blue’ showing underneath the slide out menu, take “Nav-Menu” layer to 100%.
  2. To have a top bar show on scroll. It’s easy to create ‘2 menus’ (so you can style them differently without combo classes - just personal preference). Hide 1 on load and show it when reaching a specific section on the page. You’ll set the interaction on an entire section in the middle.
  1. Take what to 100%?
  2. If im gonna hide one why duplicate it? Could you please elaborate more?
  1. The “Nav-Menu” layer to 100%

Go to my collection page and click “Open Panel” link. It shows the Side Menu - Right layer

  1. There’s a couple ‘schools-of-thought’ on hide/show menus. Some like using 1, some like 2. I like using two menus because both will have different styles, and may have different links in them. They also may show on desktop but not on tablet & mobile. This is a personal preference thing.

Here’s the Webflow tutorial on how to execute it:

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Thanks alot mate!!!

Not a problem, hit me up if you need anything else. See ya :grin: