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“Display: none” doesn’t work in interactions

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a custom mobile menu.

I’ve put it all together, no problem. However when I set its initial appearance to display: None in the legacy interaction menu (so its hidden on page load) It doesn’t seem to work.

What am I doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated.

Read only link:

Your mobile menu is not visible.

Hi there, thanks for the response.

Thats strange, it still shows on mine.

Anything i’m doing wrong?

displaying when… in Preview or Design Mode.

The screen shot is from Preview…
in Design Mode - yes it is visible.

I had displayed in preview, and on the live link:

Still an issue.

Any advice, greatly received.

Confirmed… this is from iPhone.

Heading to doctor appointment. Back in a few.
Will look again when I return.

Appreciate the help.

Pretty sure i’ve figured this out.

Within the visibility section in Div Block Settings, I had the menu turned off for desktop.

I turned it back on, and changed the display settings to none within the styles tab.

This seemed to do the trick and fix the problem.

Not sure if it was a glitch causing this, but yeah the above workaround has seemed to do the trick.

awesome. I missed that one !

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