Shadow on background on sitemenu disappear

I am building a website with a sidemenu you open from the right - through a burger-menu, which is working just fine. But I like the background on the menu to have a shadow which I also think I figured out how to do… it looks like its there when the menu start moving in from the right, but when it stops the shadow disappear again.
What am I doing wrong?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey there

I know exactly why you’re having the issue and it has to do with some code that Webflow adds to the native nav bar component that is not visible in the designer and is only visible when you inspect element on the published site. This is an element with a class of w-nav-overlay. What you want to do is add in an HTML embed and set the w-nav-overlay to visible

I did a video about it where I discuss it here

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