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Settings icon suggestion

No matter how many times I switch pages while editing, I’m still prone to absent-mindedly choosing the Site Settings button when I intend to head for my site’s home page because, well, it’s got a Home icon instead of a Settings icon.

In the dashboard, you use a gear icon to get to the same site settings pages – perhaps the one in the left editing sidebar should be the same? In addition to the blessing of consistency, the gear is more semantically connected to settings so dummies like me are less likely to reflexively click at the first thing that looks like the object of my desire.

Site settings button from Dashboard:

Site settings button from the editing sidebar:

Whenever I accidentally click that, it takes a longer pause to get back into the editor where I need to be since the site needs to reload in the editor.

Awesome product, I’m really enjoying using webflow and looking forward to all the stuff you’re working on!

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Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry for the icon confusion. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Huzzah, it’s updated!