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A few potential tiny UX issues i've noticed

I’ve built 5 websites now on Webflow and have been noting down some potential UX issues as I’ve been going along.

This is a small one, but for a first time user, ‘Text’ and ‘Value’ might need a bit more explanation, maybe a tooltip?

Again, a pretty small one, but maybe a tooltip explaining what HiDPI is?

Would it be possible to explain what Float, Clear, Display etc are at the point of use? I know this info is covered off in tutorials, but it might be easier if it’s explained in context too. I think you do that really well with the tooltips explain what Sections and Containers are. All of those things are obvious to developers (and most designers), but for a complete novice, it might be nice to have to guidance in the tool itself and not just the help section.

I find it quite difficult to add a new section to the bottom of my stack. I’ve found that if you drag it to just the right place in the bottom of the stack view, it will sit at the bottom, but I often have to copy and paste the lowest section, then clear it’s contents. Maybe the target area at the bottom of the stack could be larger?

Finally, this might just be me, but I keep clicking on the settings icon (the house) whenever I want to navigate back to my site’s homepage.

It’s a great tool and I really enjoy using it. We’ve built some prototypes in it for clients now and as artifacts to hand over to developers pre-build. Also, all of the above is obviously just my intuition and personal experience, I’m sure you’re doing user testing, but thought i’d share.

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Thanks for the Feedback ! We will address these knowledge related things and also take into consideration your feedback for the tooltips and other items, we will check this…, thanks !

He’s right about the house icon. Even if you don’t mistake it for what it’s not, the house is clearly a Home icon. And the gear the settings.

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Thanks for the feedback @jamesasterisk! The home icon is a quick fix, but the other require more effort on the design and development side. I can assure you that a lot of these I’ve run into myself and have been working on solutions for. :slight_smile: