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Setting URL Slugs for page sections (Single Page Website)

Hey Webflow community,

I apologise for my noobiness in advance.

I have a single page website with 5 x 100vh sections (Home, About, Services, Work, Contact) and would like each section to have a URL Slug that corresponds with it (,,…).

Currently, each section when scrolled to (scroll-jacking has been applied through custom code) has numbered each section in the URL (,,…).

Here is a link to the live site:

Here is a link to the read-only link:

Please help!

There’s nothing noob about this - it can only be achieved with some complex custom code.

Thanks for the reply, Sam!

Are you able to point me in the direction of someone who can help with complex custom code?

Thanks again!

(pardon the reposed message - I stupidly deleted my first one!)

Something like this perhaps?

Then all you need to do is create 301 redirects in the hosting settings to the respective page (which I didn’t do because sandbox is not on a hosting plan).

Hey Sam,

Something like that would be perfect - but I notice that the URL only changes when you click one of the ‘GOTO:’ section links - is there a way for that to happen on scroll, too?


Of course. I don’t have time to do that at the moment though.

Legend! Any and all help is much appreciated, man :pray:t3: