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Naming "Pages" of a One Page Webflow Site

Hey guys, I notice some Webflow sites are all on one page, but somehow they are able to get different URLs for different sections of their website.

I was reading about the sitemap for Webflow but I am not sure if that is my answer and maybe it’s just something easy that I’m missing.

Thanks for all the help!


Hi @TravisBKlein are you referencing URLS that look like this: or

When you scroll through a one page site using nav buttons?

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Hey Aaron sorry, I should of given an example.

Like these 2 URLs:

Hey no problem, just had a look He’s running a lot of custom JS to make this happen…
This doesn’t come native to Webflow, sorry to say.

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Ahhh ok! Thanks @Aaron huge help, I was searching and searching but that totally makes sense!

Cool, glad to help. :smile:

I was able to do it with the slider and some custom js.

If you swipe or change slides, it changes the site url, without actually refreshing the page.

I use “Lazy Loading” for images that are not shown, that get loaded as you scroll down the page (for example on the blog section)

I have the slider and content in a symbol, and create separate pages for each url, so that I can set all the things for SEO specific to each “Page”

Let me know if you need any help, maybe I can at least point you in the right direction.

Awesome I’m sure I will when I get to that point, thank you alot!

Hey @mastermindesign, I finally am ready to delve in and see about how to name my pages of my site.

I just learned what symbols are, but I think I’m confused what you meant. So you have the full slider and the “contact-us” content on one page called “contact-us”


You have the full slider and full content (all content, even stuff not in view) with the “contact-us” content as what is in view, and you name that page “contact-us” ?

I think its the second one right?

so each page is actually a complete duplication of your site right?

And the js somehow renames the url by detecting which content part is “in view” ?’

If that’s right I think I understand it, sort of. What is the lazy loading images for exactly? Does it have to do with the site naming pages or just something you decided to optimize for speed of the site?

I was looking at your tasite.js, and this code for what you explained is in the “update url” section right?

Or is parts when “when left/right is clicked make sure tabs also change and loop through”. Is this part of what gets it to work also?

I’m so sorry for asking so many questions :frowning:

My site is here and while it is different than yours, the same idea, where things are not in view, then in view based on navigation.

I’m going to need to hire someone I think to implement this.

Do you have a public link so I can see the site?

Each page is a duplication with triggers on load of secondary pages that swipe to the page intended. I can look at your site if you send me a link

my link:
Because all of my pages have the same navigation (because my navigation is static fixed on the outside) then I just need to duplicate my site 3 more times and make sure each duplication page is named for what page is going to be in view.

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