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301 Redirects- Is this possible?

I’ve been trying to do the following redirects on my site and keep getting broken 404 pages. Is this possible?

Example: – into -->

How come this does not work?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Try to use a % before the dash. Like my%_page

Thanks! But what I’m really trying to do is redirect it up a level if that makes sense. I want to get rid of the collection URL (‘thing’ in my example) and just have it be ‘’ instead of ‘’.

That’s not going to happen. Once a collection slug exists it becomes reserved.

@webdev Is it possible to redirect to an entirely different domain? i.e. to My client has several password protected services (for which I’m using the built-in password pages on webflow), and upon submit of the password form, I’d like to instantly redirect the password protected page to an entirely different domain (namely, the software the client’s services are hosted on). I’ve tried putting in a few custom code snippets, but it looks like webflow tries to keep it internal (i.e resulting in a 404 error)

Edit, for clarification: I don’t want to redirect the entire site, and I need it to work for multiple different redirects (page one redirects to service one, page two redirects to service two, and so on).

Just map the “Old Path” /page to the “Redirect to Page”

I tried that, and it worked to redirect, but unfortunately omitted the password page entirely. We found a workaround for the time being (just placing a button on the password protected page that redirects the user). Not ideal UI/UX but we’ll keep trying things. Thank you for your speedy response!

Where is the password page on Is it a different URI?

Yeah, unfortunately, beyond what we can control. We’re essentially sending users to a Vimeo library, but want to keep it behind a paywall, thus the password page on this end. Looked into separate video CMS platforms, and password protecting the videos themselves on Vimeo, but that’s “too much” for the client lol.

I’m not following…

Reserved? I just want to get rid of the collection slug in the URL using a redirect, can that be done? -----> (remove collection slug)

Webflow won’t let you redirect a collection slug. It would break Webflow collections. Collections require a collection slug. There is no way around this. If it is a requirement then you would need to move off Webflow and use a CMS that would allow it.