How to change the slug of blog post pagination

I am working on a site in which I have made a blog post in cms and added a pagination and by default the pagination for blog post are generated I want to edit that slug. Is it possible to do?

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I think you can’t.
Or at least not by default.

You can of course manipulate it with javascript somehow, but I think you would have to go deeply into Webflows code to change it.

Maybe someone else has a solution for this.

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Really appreciate your solution thank you for your suggestion.

but you can change slug for all blog and pagination, pagination should be similar to blog url.

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For now I am having url like this and I want to change the slug like this I have 1-3 pagination and for both the 3 blog pagination I am getting this url . So is it possible to change into this ??

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I have 3paginations for blog post and the link generated is like this but I want all 3 pagination slug like this and not getting solution to change slug for only pagination.

There is at least one wishlist item for this, probably more- but AFAIK it’s not a feature of Webflow yet.

For the record, there is a reason it’s “weird.” That pagination indicator does not relate to the page you’re on. It relates to collection lists on the page, and what page they’re on… and you can have up to 20.

So Webflow is trying to track… this collection list here is on page 1. that one is on page 5, this one is 12, that one is 3… That’s why the weird code- its a way for Webflow to track each collection list individually, and to provide you with a consistent URL for e.g. search engine results that will reliably allow Webflow to rebuild that same view from that same URL.

The only alternative really is some kind of “collection list slug” which is unique for the page, and which Webflow supervises- i.e. it must be URL friendly, and Webflow must warn you if you try to change it, since that would break your URLs. Prettier? Yes… but more overhead, more code, more support, more tutorials…

No this is not an option with Webflow at this time.