Setting up subdomain

I created a subdomain to separate content creation (usually desktop & laptop) from content viewing (typically tablet and mobile phones). Setting up grids to display on smaller devices will make design more straightforward whereas content creation requires more data entry forms. Still, the content is the same and interactions with the backend similar.

I have a subdomain and site plan set up and the original site duplicated. That said (and this might be a two part question) the subdomain ( defaults to the main domain (

Under the General tab:
The settings display the subdomain properly under “Name” as ‘

The subdomain displays: ‘admin-helps-austin’ and publishing the site and following the arrow directs me to:

instead of the desired destination

Second part of the two part question:
Is there a straightforward way to upload my duplicated main site into the subdomain webspace?

Read only link:

I was able to get this working with the help of @RayDeck at
Ray is very experienced with database (Xano) and other no code platforms. It’s not his only gig. But he holds office hours a few times a week, different times of day, to address coding and debugging challenges on Zoom. Small number of participants and we learn from each other. Great resource for modest cost.

That’s awesome! So wait, are you saying you got it figured out?

THAT issue is all sorted

What was the solution? Could you report what you did to solve the issue with Ray?

I was able to establish the subdomain - but be mindful that it is pretty much a WHOLE DIFFERENT WEBSITE. The CMS and classes are distinct and separate. So Keithen if you want to learn more I encourage you to join State Change Pro. Videos of our sessions are available