How to actually setup a subdomain?


I have a main domain let’s call it: to make it easy. And I created this subdomain ( I added this subdomain into the site settings - publication. I have also added the DNS settings in our hosting website.

And now what?

How can I use this subdomain?

I want to create like mutiple webpages within my subdomain like:

But it’s not really clear how to do this.

There is not a whole lot of info out there. I also saw 1 person creating a new project but that is not ideal for such a small webpage.

Anyone knows what to do?

If info is a separate site with separate content, you create a new project and setup your subdomain on it.

I see, that would be a bit pricey though. What is the use then to add the subdomain to your project with ur main domain if you can’t really use it there? Correct me if I am wrong.

Very little, it would just be an alias.

Once you’ve set up your subdomain ( in your DNS and Webflow settings, you can start using it by creating individual pages for each project. You don’t need to create a new project for each page. In Webflow, just create new pages within your existing project and publish them to your subdomain. So, you’d make a page named “project-a” and another named “project-b,” and they’ll be accessible at and