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Setting up a community / forum

I want to setup a landing page for my business to allow people to register their interest and get added to the mailing list for future when I launch.

I also want to have a behind the scenes page with login access. On this I want to setup a mini community of 20-40 people. They will get access to special events, and be able to comment and share pics etc (kind of like a facebook community)

Is this possible and is there a template I could start from?

Hey @Kez_JoJo

Welcome to the community :smiley:

You can absolutely start capturing users to a mailing list.
I would typically use a 3rd party mailing platform like mailchimp, to capture these and send them directly to a list over there. Details on that here

In regards to the login etc, this is not something that is currently supported natively by webflow so you would need to sort of ‘hack’ this together. There are a few forum posts on guides to intergrate these kind of systems.


Forum post with more details

Hope that helps man,


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