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Setting images to "cover" in a slider


I am creating a site with a slider to showcase my work. I have the slider set up but the images I am using are different ratios. How can I set this up so that the images that are not as tall will simply fill up the same space? I have tried setting the images to “cover” but that does not seem to work.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Link to published site:

You need to give your images a set height and width for the object-fit setting to work. If you want it to fill the entirety of the slide, just make sure you have dimensions on your slide element then give the images inside a width and height of 100%.

Edit: I noticed your slider mask isn’t set to overflow: hidden so your website scrolls pretty far right when previewing it. Make sure you keep this setting checked.

Thank you! That was it.

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