Slider does not expand vertically to accommodate content

I am trying to create a slider for client testimonials. Each slide contains text of different length.

The slider works well in desktop view but at narrower viewports (mobile) the text gets cropped, I am assuming by the mask. In other words, the slider does not respond to accommodate the content.

I’ve been searching the forums and trying all kinds of things to no avail. I’ve tried recreating my testimonial slider by inserting a brand new slider component and making sure not to change the default styles, but even at its default settings the slider does not adapt to the content. Is this normal? Do any of you know how to make the slider responsive?

Here is the read-only link.

Thank you in advance.

It is always a good idea to wrap your slider

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Thank you for taking the time to make that video. Indeed, setting the Height on the main Slider element to Auto makes the slider as tall as the tallest slide and solves the cropping of content.

However, now I am facing another issue - centering all the slides vertically. Flexbox doesn’t work because there appears to be no way to set the height of the shorter slides to the same height as the tallest slides. Setting Height to 100% on the shorter slides doesn’t seem to function. It’s like the short slides do not “see” the height of the parent slider element. Any ideas?

Here is the Read-Only with a cleaned up version of the slider.

Thank you.

Do you have intructions or access to the video anywhere? I’m trying to get this to work now.

No - have no access to the video. Let Me kn ow if I can help you other way