How to cover the image slider height?

I am having issues with my images covering the height of my image slider. It does not seem to cover the entire height after doing adjustments. How can I correct this?

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do not use an image in the slider. You have to choose your Collection Item Image as the background for the slider. And then in the background settings of the slider at Image you have to choose “Cover”.

  1. Delete the image.

  2. Select your Slider div (E.g. Slide 9)

  3. Grap the Background image for the Slider using the Collection List Image (Get Image from:…)

  4. Choose at the background preferences of your Slider (E.g. Slide 9), the Image 43

  5. Choose “Cover”


  6. Here we go :slight_smile:

Greetings, Nils

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Hey Nilson,
Thank you it works!!

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