Set body position to relative - Webflow sending mixed messages

Trying to set up a position:sticky navbar and Webflow is telling me to set the position of the body to relative.
However, when I try to do that, Webflow tells me I can’t.

I know that setting the body position has come up before and that it’s not possible, but I just wanted to mention that this is confusing if Webflow tells you that you can.

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Pretty sure they’ll fix it, especially with you bringing it to light.

You can just use a div just above the body element. Have everything in that. Set it to fixed and full screen.

Thanks, it’s still working without the body being relative or without a relative wrapper div. The issue is that anchor links don’t go to the correct position when you have a sticky nav bar. I thought having a relative wrapper would fix this but it doesn’t. I just found the issue I’m having here. Sticky Nav not working with in-page linking

These conflicting tooltips show when you’re working in a Symbol. Unresolved bug.


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