Fixed Sidebar stopped functioning

Hey Everyone,

For some reason my fixed sidebar stopped being fixed, it was working before. Not sure how it happened. I believe I’m following the right structure (Fixed → Relative).

I’m also having issues with the mobile top nav staying fixed, I suspect this is a related issue. I’ve never had a problem fixing the position of a nav bar before so this is super strange to me.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi John,

The issue is this yellow circle. I checked the forum and it says its a bug

I tried playing with using sticky positioning. But all the content gets pushed down and it’s not really effective. I guess you have to play around with it

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.50.48 PM

Here are some links to help you out

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Hi @AliSaeed,

Thanks so much for the follow up!

I noticed the yellow circle also and have been trying to address. Going to dig through the threads you sent.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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I was able to come up with a workaround for this issue.

  1. Change Side Nav Bar Div to Sticky instead of Fixed
  2. Assign top position “0” to activate sticky
  3. Float and Clear → Left
  4. Give side bar div 100VH to span top to bottom

Seems to be working for now…

Doesnt the content on the right get pushed down?

Oh I see, you set float and clear to left. That’s why it works!

Tbh, I never used these. Learnt something today!

Happy it’s working now :slight_smile: