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Wordpress Guy Says Webflow is bad for SEO

Client met some WP developers. Their advice is to move to WordPress not webflow.

Update: We met a few times and he loves webflow CMS. Thinking about adopting it for future projects using CMS templates, but will still be Wordpress for most stuff.

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Why? What they are saying? They need to explain, not just say that Webflow is bad. My opinion is that WP is bad :smiley:

Piter :webflow_heart:


WP guy made some big winner sites with 500,000-1M hits a month. YOAST SEO + Used GT Metrix + POST /PAGE strategy + Google Search Console shots to prove webflow was bad for seo set because speed times. Its just a lot of little things. He didn’t seem interested to know about how to utilize webflow for seo / cms because he is married to his own wp plugins. my Webflow site already gets about 30-40k hits organic/ google/bing traffic /month but SEO lands on bad pages not converting pages but he wants it to be bigger better.

I need to know which webflow sites known to have 500,000+ hits month.
Know any Top Competitive Keywords for known Webflow sites #1/2 spots? (english)

Don’t get me wrong, I like WP for article/news/blog type websites, but not for other types of projects. I know that webflow is better than WP for other things once it comes down to nitty gritty.

Client is unhappy with Webflow website SEO (even though Facebook and Google ads are converting good!). Just need to clean up a lot from previous WF developer (who used like 20 H1 tags on home page!!) and CMS restoration.

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Not sure about sites. Maybe @PixelGeek can join :blush:

Many things are related to site speed. Image sizes, scripts, css classes ect.

My opinion is that Webflow is better for blog sites. The CMS is super powerful and easy to use.

I have a client who runs a wedding agency. He wanted the site to appear on the first page of Google when people are searching for > Wedding agency Asenovgrad > without blog and without seo work the site is showing on first page for people who are searching for wedding agencies in Asenovgrad. Good use of meta titles, meta descriptions and H tags. Here’s a proof :smile:

That’s my opinion

Piter :webflow_heart:

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End of the day the html that is outputted is al that matters. How it’s outputted does not matter. Whether it’s via Yoast or hardocded or via Webflow fields does not matter. Other things matter like speed and here WP would actually loose. Webflow output static html so it’s faster that WP as every page is dynamically generated. You can use caching plugins in WP but static pages is still the fastest. I have heard about these so called seo expert and in most cases they say the client need to use WP because they don’t know how to enter seo metas without using Yoast.


Combine any seo tool you want (moz & so on with webflow). By the way you even could create blog on wp and site in webflow. Seo depend on content and endless ideas - wp vs concrete5 vs joomla vs webflow vs static html. The bottom line on webflow thier is not limit for the semantic/structure/content (Start from zero VS huge wp themes with endless plugins).

Not like wix or muse on webflow you decide everything. So this is really 0% correct to say WP sites are better from seo aspect.

Wp blogs are really great (very easy to create categories and sub-categories) but this idea already on webflow wishlist. Beside this i dont find any restriction (and anyway flat vs deep - its not always better to create 3 levels).

About yoast. Thier is a lot of other tools for sites seo not related specific to wp.

I have that debate with our SEO partner litteraly everyday - 2 levels vs 3 levels of CMS.
However, from an organisational standpoint, I understand 3 levels facilitates their job for products feed and semantic.
Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of comparisons between Wordpress and Webflow sites. Webflow is always ahead. In our SEO partner Semrush account, every wordpress sites have below 70% health whereas our weblfow websites are averaging 94% health.
I really like the ability to bulk 301 redirects on Wordpress though. Something Webflow should have.


They’re only WP developers because they haven’t tried Webflow :wink:

They’re also unlikely to recommend something they can’t use. Would you?

If you can use both, you’re in a perfect position to offer an unbiased opinion.

If webflow was bad for SEO then a site i built that dominated the SERPS for years, and just migrated to webflow (1 month ago) would have taken a hit.

Nope traffic is up, conversions are up, and we could not be happier with the results. I’m happy when my clients’ competitors put their chips into WP. Makes it easier for me!


Really good to hear. How did you handle page URLs, specifically for blog content? Did you set up 301 redirects for each blog post or did you replicate the URLs inside of Webflow so they matched?

It pretty much depends on what you use to rank on Google - but I may be wrong.