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SEO Ranking Issues

Hello guys before google 28 March updates my website ranking, keywords, and traffics is increase but after that my ranking is stable for some targeted keyword my ranking is neither be an increase or decrease i didn’t know what happens can somebody help me.

We’re going to need a lot more information if we’re going to determine why your ranking ISN’T changing.

What changes/improvements/additions have you made to your site since March 28th? When did you notice your ranking leveling off, and what is your average position right now?

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There could be several things going on here. Most likely its Google has crawled your site, determined its relevancy to your target keywords and placed you where you are. If you could provide us with a link and your target keywords I can tell you what you need to do.

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Hello, guys, these are my website ahrefs and webmaster reports.



I can’t reveal the URL guys without my partner permission, also I update the post content title and crawl it 5 days ago but when-when we see them on the search engine they remain same i don’t understand what happen google crawl it or not. One thing that website is 4 month old.

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Well from that it seems pretty obvious what’s going on. You’ve reached a plateau in your site’s authority. That could be for a couple reasons, but the most likely culprit is that your competitors just have a more established position in your niche. You can do as good a job as you want, but you aren’t going to just leapfrog other sites that are also doing a good job.

That said, avg pos of 5.2 with 87,645 clicks over 28 days is nothing to complain about, or even really seek to remedy. In competitive niches, which with that click total yours definitely is, you’re going to have entrenched competitors who have been at this YEARS longer than you. You will also, however, probably gain almost nothing from climbing higher than avg pos 5, believe it or not. In my experience, once you exit the top tier (pos 1-5) you’ll see a drop-off in ctr down to like 10% which lasts through the rest of page one. I’ve noticed no difference from being in top 3 to top 5.

Check out, you need to build a better backlink profile than those ranked above you. Make your your onsite optimization good and you’ll start to over take your competitors. I run SEO for national brands, is amazing.

Well, there has been a lot of changes after Google has updated his algorithm. May be the backlinks you have built is non-relevant. There are many SEO tools available by which you can check your site’s metrics like ahrefs, Moz, semrush, etc.