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Why My Keywords are Going Down?

Hi I am new here. This is my first post i want to ask a question about SEO. I have a website , my 10-15 kw were on first 3-4 positions but since last month my keywrods are now on second page and from second page they move on 4th page. So how to check this error and recover my ranking. Please health me

Were you testing this in a “incognito session” and not on your normal browser session? If not, chances are that your page were appearing in the 3rd or 4th position only for you.

Have you checked the content of your page?
There have been some Google updates recently, so maybe that is a point. Also, you should check the density of keywords at your pages. In case you need to add more keywords to your site you can use keywords from google search trends. Sometimes, it just needs to add some similar keywords on the page to rank it better. Hope that will work.

If you have worked on targeted keywords properly but you are noticing the sudden drop in keywords ranking.

And If have also checked the ranking of keywords earlier and now correctly then, for finding the problem now you should check the backlinks and keywords density…
It Might be some penalization issue…

Have you analysed your website?Is your website highly optimized?The main factor to be considered while checking website ranking is the on page.The on page of the website should be optimized correctly to for google to crawl the website.After doing on page correctly go to off page.

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