SEO not indexing: HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed

I am getting the following bug while trying to index my web page. Essentially, none of my CMS blog pages are getting indexed. My non-CMS pages seem to be getting indexed. Would love to get advice if anyone knows how to fix this. Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:Webflow - NICASA

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Could you have accidentally added your site to Search Console using http:? It may be just doing as you directed it, and warning you that https: is preferred.

Your site seems fine from what I can tell in terms of your actual certificate implementation.

Also, it’s quite common for Google to take its time to go deeper on your site. It will get the homepage, and other first level pages, but then will often wait to go deeper until it sees what kind of traffic you’re getting.

Thank you Mike! I did check my URL on Google search console and the webflow generated site xml - both are

Problem still isn’t resolved yet.

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I’m getting some strange but inconsistent reports on your site, which leads me to suspect that you might have a DNS misconfiguration.

I’d double check your DNS, which I think is on Google Domains? And make sure the IP and CNAME records are complete and current.

After that, I think I’d contact webflow support if you can’t find a resolution, they’ll be able to tell you more.