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SEO Issues: old pages still shown in Google


I have built a website replacing a Joomla website created in 2009.
I need to keep the seo juice from the old site and redirect url already indexed by Google to pages of my new site.

I already used the 301 redirect option in the dashboard

but it does not allow me to enter individual pages url such as shown here and points to a 404.

As the old website structure is with php how can I do to keep the old seo , redirect ALL the ancient pages to the new site, Have a look at the old url structured like that:

For the moment I didn’t erase the old website, didn’t change the url ( but the site is live and I don’t want “old pages” staying online with new pages…

THANKS in adavnce to the webflow community for your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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