301 Redirect Problem


still amazed by Webflow, I come to you to get some help.

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I need to use the 301 redirect to keep the SEO juice from an old site to the new site created and hosted with webflow.

When my client types “architecte , Ile de La Réunion” (Architect - Reunion Island) he arrives on this Google Page

​ It is an old PHP site and I tried the redirect as shown, removing ?PHPSESSID=032746250b4e17eb44e191776cf30f98

It points to this error page

​ Could you give some help? Or perhaps I have to wait a little time for the server to redirect the old page to the new one.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Redirect path is wrong.

Fields should not contain /dpv.fr at the start.

I removed like you said and it is not working…

Any idea?

Talking with Webflow support team they told me as well to remove /dpv.fr from the old path as well

So I get this but it doesn’t work.

I want to make it work to make all the “old searched pages” redirecting to the new site with the seo juice from the ancient site…

Thanks again to Webflow the community and those willing to help.

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