Problems with SEO in google seach

I communicate again with you because I still have problems with the way my page is displayed when looking for in google.

I Have been 3-4 weeks trying to solve this problem! Web Flow support did nothing useful to help me!
YOU say it is a google problem! but I Use webflow to do not have this problem!!

You had suggested me to do some setting and it did not work!

I Have been weeks with my e-commerce company stop because of this problem.


At least please give me the phone number of a webflow technician to call!

Hi @antonia1,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the trouble with the SEO description.

The first thing I noticed when taking a look, is that the published META data matches what is shown in the designer:

Now it might be that Google is having some trouble with those carriage returns that are actually non-breaking spaces in the description.

I would try to put in your description without the paragraph breaks and then resubmit the sitemap to Google, to see if that will help.

Once that is done, let me know and I will do some SEO testing on the site. Thanks in advance!


Hello Antonia!

Looking at what you’ve shown here, I can see some immediate general issues that are easy wins.

  • The Title tag is almost 100 characters long. This needs to be hulled down to 50 or 60 or Google truncates the line as you’re seeing in your example above. Nothing you do can stop Google from truncating it when it’s past 60 characters long. As you may know, for “on page” SEO, this is one of the more important SEO tags, so using it correctly is important. Please follow @cyberdave’s advice on removing the breaks as directed. Having a single page website in conjunction with this tag, is not helping your efforts. Facts are facts.

  • The Meta Description is almost 400(!) characters long. This is gigantic. This should be no longer than 160 characters. That includes spaces and special characters or you’ll get the truncation you see here. Again, nothing can be done to change that it’s truncated past 160 characters. I’m surprise that The Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) linked to your site isn’t pitching fits about these two tag’s lengths. Especially given that you only have a single page site.

It’s not a Webflow issue. It’s a you and Google issue. :slight_smile:

Take care,


Like the other guys have said, the issue is with you inserting far too many characters in the title element and description.

Also, Google can change your title and description to whatever it feels is more suitable for the search query or better for the user.

It’s certainly not a Webflow issue.

He I did the change last week.
And nothing happens!:triumph:

Please more help!

Dude. Google it!

Learn more about SEO her:

Update the site on Google search console


Hi Antonia. What are you trying to change exactly? What’s not displaying correctly and what are you aiming for?

Hi @antonia1 Do you mind if I ask if you submitted your sitemap to google webmaster ?

This is what the digital age and technology has done to us. We’ve come to expect and think we’re entitled to immediacy in all things. And when it does not come and we are not in control or something doesn’t work the way we think it should we have a stroke. You can’t game this system. Google writes the rules and does what they want and in due time as Kjell tried to show you above. Even if you choose to continue to ignore the facts that several people have explained to you, with no thanks, you’re still going to wait. No matter how many huffy icons :triumph: you use in your posts. The issue was and has always been about you and your misunderstanding of this subject. There is no reason to act like a petulant child about it by typing in caps and making demands of Webflow or anyone else.