Cannonical Links on Collection Page Blog posts?

I have a quick question on how to move forward with my Canonical links on my website. I am stuck and do not know what to do .

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Use Webflow’s built-in canonical feature.
It will generate the correct canonical for every page, including your collection pages.

Make certain your URL is the correct unredirected URL with no ending slash;

That said, when you do have a reason to do custom METAs or custom code on collection pages, you can embed item-specific fields, such as the slug;


so i already set the global cannonical link.

but i was under the impression that for each new article I should also give a separate cannonical link as to tell google that this is the “original version/master” before I post the same article on Linkedin, Medium, etc.

If thats true, then how do i set a new canonical for each page individually?

is it just by adding each new link that the custom code section there with the “add Field” button?

or no need at all since i set the global canonical link?


Great, that global generates a unique canonical URL for every page on your site, including your article pages. You do not want any other canonical URLs on any page of your site.

I think you might be confused on what canonical URLs are. It’s just a way to tell indexing engines “X is the official URL for this content”. The purpose is to clearly indicate whether there is another page that should be indexed instead, or whether the querystring part of the URL is a relevant part of the index entry.

so then how do I make sure that when I post an article ob my website and then a few days later post the same one on linkedin, google will know the one on my website is the “master version”?

That’s not really a thing. But if you’ve setup Webflow’s canonicals, you’ve come as close as you can to that, because your Webflow-generated canonical on your blog page points to itself as the canonical URL.