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Collect emails from Webflow forms directly in SendGrid

Hi all!

I’d like to integrate the form on the bottom of the page to a Sendgrid account, so that it adds the email to a predefined contact list there.
Sendgrid does offer a widget to embed in a website but it really looks hideous and doesn’t allow for much customization. And Zapier doesn’t provide the necessary functions for SendGrid :frowning:

A similar question has been asked, but no solution was found.

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Hi @phux did you find a way to use Sengrid for form submissions from Webflow?

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I’m thinking you could signup for a free account and most likely use their HTTP module, and possibly the Webhooks module to get what you need done.

You could use a native Webflow form that triggers Integromat so that you can keep your sites look and feel.

Here’s a video screencast walking through how to send an email to the person that filled out a native Webflow form using CampaignMonitor that may help.

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Nice thanks @ChrisDrit !

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I can confirm this solution (Integromat + Webflow + Sendgrid) works.

I’ve got it working live at:

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@RickLindquist @ChrisDrit
Thanks for sharing this info. Was pretty shocked to get so many dead ends with trying to make this work.

Do you have step-by-step guides for how to set it up? Been having trouble following the emails .


@timewell sure…

Here is a walk through for setting up form submissions from Webflow, into Integromat:

Here is a walk through doing the same, but with Zapier instead:

Here is a walk through popping off an email after form submission:

This is with Campaign Monitor, not SendGrid (as per the OP), but swapping between the two should be easy enough…