Send quote email and/or PDF quote from form

I am transferring a site over from WordPress and want to keep the ‘request a quote’ form functionality.

Current form →

I am open to variations of the process however the only ‘must have’ is that the visitor must enter a valid email address to view the price.

The quote is built comprised of two types of users, full system users (x) and shop-floor users (y) of the software, so the equation for the calculation is:

(input x price X) + (input x price Y) = Quote

Currently, the process is:

  1. Lead enters desired system users
  2. WordPress system delivers an email to the recipient with a PDF containing the personalised quote totals

Additional information:
We use Hubspot CRM and Mailchimp if that’s of any use.

Please contact me with quotes or questions on here or directly at

Hey @ThomasEpton Thomas, we can do this for you for free if you want.

Feel free to reach out to us over email and we can discuss all of the requirements, seems like a couple minutes to explain how you can achieve this.

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