Looking for freelance to prepare form


We are looking for someone who can help me with creating a simple but nice looking pricing request form on our Webflow hosted website.

Here is a sample of what I need on our website:

I would like to do it in a form of tick boxes like an example below and also in with nicer graphics. This will let users request quotations in a more user friendly format.


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Hi @tplesk, I have created some very complex forms for a few clients. Most recent was for this client: https://www.funservicesva.com/holiday-gift-shop-and-santas-gift-shop/customer-agreement

Thats the form link. There are others. Works across all breakpoints too.

Let me know what your timeline is?


I would be glad to help you.

Feel free to contact me.


Hey Tplesk,

I highly suggest you to look at convertcalculator.co
With it, you can create interactive price quote calculators but not just basic ones. This tool lets you collect orders, process payments, with an easy way to build it. It does not require any coding skills and is easy to embed to your website!
Also, it has integration with Zapier if you need it, so overall it’s pretty handy.