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Form to create instant price quote

Hello! We are trying to integrate an instant quoting system on our site. We have a form, to choose the component of what’s needed for us to give price. The client will insert the pertinent info then press “submit” to be sent to another page, with We have an excel sheet prepared with the filed and prices (matrix)
EX: Price for male, 42 Individual, state: NY = should give price $37.50 (price calculated from a formula, from info from our excel doc)
How do we do it…?

I have almost the same problem. I am using forms to get all the combinations of products, but the unselected items appears in my sheet too with this system (negatives entries).

I dont know if this app bellow are the right way to do it, but i am looking for alternatives.

Someone in the forum have a best way to do it? I dont really need instant quoting, but this system that @Optimal uses maybe.


Why Excel…? Why can’t you just create some JavaScript functions that will calculate stuff without taking user to another page? I’m just asking. If you need Advanced JavaScript for this (instead of Excel) I could help.

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@optimal @felps85 If you have problems with javascript, @bartekkustra is the dude to help you, in Webflow community he is known as the “Javascript Ninja Master Darth Vader Matrix” :smile:

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