Self-hosted CMS for adult content

Hey there community,

I have a pretty big project in the pipeline that we are planning to accomplish during this year. The client is a respectable brand for adult content and is wanting to launch an adult content premium site with a membership option focused on foot fetish.

Having asked the webflow support-team, I’m not allowed to fully develop the website in webflow, but can do it while using dummy content and exporting to self-host.

We are currently exploring different options for the tech-stack and hosting options and I have checked these off the list so far:

-Video CDN
-Payment gateway that would work with “high-risk” adult content
-Membership software that is working with self-hosted (webflow) sites
-Gating the content

Is there anyone who can recommend any CMS that would suit this project and would also be cool with it being adult content?


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There are plenty of excellent CMS platforms that ca easily handle what you want to do. Depends totally on your development skills. I personally would not bother with Webflow at all if I knew I was not going to deploy the project on a webflow hosting plan. Too much work and no real benefit. You really need to define your functional requirements and anticipated site load to narrow down your options. Having worked with CMS systems for over 24 years I have my favorites. If you need professional services feel free to dm me.

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Hey, thanks for the answer.

I’ve already thought about completely doing it off from webflow, but to be honest, I’ve never realized any project without a visual builder as I’ve started working as a designer mainly and only recently made the change to no-code and some coding aswell.

As it’s a new brand and they offer me profit share, I cannot hire you for your professional services.

But thanks for the info, I will have a look into the CMS systems that I could use for the project :slight_smile:

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Hi @desperad0s.
Josh with Foxy here. We’ve already been chatting via email, but if anyone else needs payment processing / gated content functionality for high-risk industries, please reach out:

Info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: Webflow |


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Hey Hendrik, how did you end up creating your project. Did you use a no code builder or did you write everything from scratch? I am currently at the same challenge by creating an adult content website for a client

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I build CMS solutions all the time where you can post anything that is legal. Feel free to DM me if you are looking for a solution.

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