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Webflow CMS for an Agency

Webflow CMS looks great, it’s hard to tell how for along this project is as the landing page shows something that is in early concept.

However the concept is great and I know your team has the knowledge to pull it off. I’m part of a small agency and I’ve used no end of CMS systems, from WordPress to Concrete5. However, this seems to tie in the design and development, cutting down potential work time by half (figuratively speaking).

However, I have seen systems similar to this before. I’m sure you will release more information further down the development timeline. However, I really can’t let myself get excited by this until I know the following.

##Is this self-hosted?
I think that’s the most important for any professional CMS. Clients need it hosted on their platform.

##What are the costings?
Is the CMS going to be free, maybe even open-source? If not, are we going to see a pay per site or an unlimited option? Hopefully we won’t paying per page amount etc.

##3rd Party Plugins?
Are you going to support 3rd party plugins? I think the biggest driver for WordPress is the plugins also we often develop our own depending on the clients needs. (such as mailchimp integration, e-commerce system).

If you say it’s self hosted, open-source or £99.99 for an unlimited licence, with 3rd party support. Then we have a revolution.

I would be interested to know if this is intended to be self hosted too. Thats a deal breaker for a lot of clients it would seem.

For me, I don’t mind if it is self-hosted (If they can guarantee security). What is important are easy 3rd party plugin development using existing technologies (html, css, js, rest api). Secondly a robust e-commerce engine like magenta with global payment gateway integration including inline-payment gateway like 2checkout, etc and efficient email system

I’m sure read somewhere in the forum that the cms gonna be hosted.

@topelovely Yeah a solid ecommerce solution would be golden. I could completely restructure some clients site’s with that and really improve the entire experience of their site.

I’m intrigued to know what the limit with the data driven design is. For example if its possible to create a blog would we be able to create an alternative solution like a timeline of posts done more like this:

Vertical Timeline

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