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Webflow Ecommerce and Memberstack and WEbflow CMS

Is it necessary to include Memberstack inbuilt payment integration for a membership site or Is it possible to use Memberstack just for letting people signing up and login into members/users only area. In other words, what I want is an Ecommerce Webflow Website with Memberstack for sign up and login capabilities and using Webflow for designing and other stuff in CMS and for payment Stripe/PayPal (Without Memberstack inbuilt payment integration). Is it possible or I have to include member stack inbuilt payment integration to use on my site?
If it’s not possible with Memberstack then what are other options?

Hey Aditya! Yes, you can use Memberstack only for the user authentication aspect — the payments part of it is optional to enable so you can continue to use Webflow E-Commerce if you’d like :slight_smile:

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I am confused :slight_smile:

Does that mean we can add users to a paid plan after the user made a payment with a 3rd party ecommerce solution (webflow commerce or others)?

Or do we need to make 2 free plans and move users to other tiers after they have paid on external commerce module? I don’t see a way to automate tiers to users

Hey Hendrik! For now, it’s the latter — if you’re collecting payments externally, you can give members access to paid content through a separate ‘free’ plan where you manually create the members.


Got it. Thanks!

Sadly this doesn’t work for me because as membership is an instant buy / get access scenario.

Not seeing myself wake up at 3AM to give access to a disgruntled user :grinning:

Hi @Hendrik_Dacquin.
Josh from Foxy here. We’ve got some new customer portal / paygate functionality that may come in handy. The following and more is possible:

  • Sell subscriptions
  • Sell one-off products
  • Instantly give customers access to password protected pages and even show/hide specific Webflow elements.
  • Allow customers to login, view charge history, manage subscriptions, and more, all in Webflow.

Feel free to email us details on your specific needs and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction: