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Selecting element and then the style panel crashes designer

I experienced the same issue when I click on a specific class on my project.

I’ve tried incognito mode, updated chrome to the latest version and cleared cache but it’s still doing the same issue.


Is this happening in Chrome for you, then? Can you please take the steps mentioned above and share the console screenshot? Can you also please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

@Brando yes, I’m on chrome 69.0.3497.100 on MacOs.

Here is my link:

It happens when I click on my div class “thumb-info-projet” on the style panel. This class shows on preview with no problem. All the other classes seems fine.

Hi @Sgiroux

This is super odd for sure. I am able to reproduce this even when renaming a plain div block to this class.

I’ve reported this to our engineers and we are looking into it now!

Something that may help unblock you for now — Can you please try adding a plain div block, giving it a unique class name, but style it the exact same as this thumb-info-projet element? Can you please let me know if this new class is working correctly?

​Thanks in advance!

I’ve recieved the corrected version, but sadly the issue is still there everytime I click the class thumb-info-projet (and now my hover state is gone, but that’s no biggy).

EDIT: After I edited the image size under 500kb, the issue is still there also.

Hi @Sgiroux

I made a video here showing a workaround you can use:

I’ll be sure to post back here when I have more details about the root cause of the issue.


Our team was able to find the root cause and has a fix ready to go. Instead of using that workaround, you can wait for the fix to go live if you’d like. It would save you on time :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to post back when the fix is live :bowing_man:

Great! Thank you so much! (I’ve started the workaround and I was unable to remove the class, weird.)

Just to be sure, the fix will be in the original project or the fixed one?

Hey @Sgiroux, my name is Amina and I’m an engineer with Webflow. The reason the designer crashed was due to a problem with id associated with the blue color swatch you made. I submitted a fix for that that is working its way through reviews. I’ll let you know once its live.


@Sgiroux Just wanted to let you know the fix is live now! You should be able to click on the thumb-info-projet div without the designer crashing now.




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