"Select one" text in Option element


I faced the issue, that option element doesnt show selected option, also, doesnt show “Select one” text in the beginning

I noticed this error only in Google, in Safari is ok


Does anyone know how to solve it?


hi @Valeria_A there are several issues and all are related to WF.

  1. option doesn’t show in any browser (except Safari). the reason is w-select element implicit height. once height is increased options will show.

  2. another violating rules issue is that you have set label for checkboxes group (label above checkboxes). These groups of checkboxes should be in wrapped in<fieldset> but WF doesn’t offer this tag. Here is one possible way how to solve it.

  1. placing option as first is as simple as drag it and move it on top. This first option should have attribute disabled but WF doesn’t offer this on option tag. What this mean is when someone forget to select an option the form will be validated (no error on select required) and form will be send with value select one

here is short video if will help understand